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Essential Safety Gear


We have sourced and procured PPE to meet the needs of your production. All of our PPE is backed by certifications of

safety testing, manufacture, shipping & import to guarantee authenticity.

Fake PPE is a big problem in the market place; Safe Production Services have solved that problem for you!

We provide the following PPE items: masks, face shields, nitrile gloves,

set safe goggles, safety glasses, glass sides as well as EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants, alcohol wipes, disinfectant hand wipes and tissues.

Protecting you and your crew because the show must go on.

We provide all PPE as per current guidelines.

Providing one source of PPE supply ensures that all crew are fairly protected; we call it the 'democracy of safety' - such that all crew and cast members are afforded the same level of personal safety provided by the standardization of PPE supply and distribution.

Protective Eyewear

Face Shields

Face Shields are essential for crew members operating in the higher risk positions such as Hair/Make Up, Wardrobe etc

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile medical gloves are a useful barrier against virus materials and skin when worn and utilized correctly.

Medical Gowns

Our disposable, one-use medical gowns offer sanitary protection and comfort for those staff working in infection control environments.

Electric Hand Sanitizer Stations

Rent one of our Electric Hand Sanitizer Stations to provide touch-free and convenient hand sanitizer on your set.

Advanced Respirators

When appropriate, advanced respirators may be required - this is particularly the case when working with disinfection agents to remediate buildings and enclosed spaces.

Protective Eyewear
Set Safe Goggles

Protective EyewearGlasses

Protective eyewear is another important tool in our quest for on-set safety, particularly for those crew members who are in close proximity to Zone A designated cast & crew members.  

Our PPE Products


Sealed goggles offer a great solution for protecting the eyes of the wearer from infection exposure. Once again, those working closely with Zone A cast and crew members must wear additional eye and face coverings.

The Air Queen NANO mask is our premier go to mask. It offers comparable filtration rates - when properly worn - to N95 respirators without the requirements for medical  approval and fit testing. The supplier we use provides us with certification of manufacture and safety testing to ensure the authenticity of the product.